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The New Collection

The latest Revival collection is a rebirth of iconic Elvyra Design creations in another body. It is a bold, radically different collection, full of bright emotions, uplifting mood and faith in a bright tomorrow.

Designer word

“Normally people express their thoughts and feelings in words, I do it through crystals and art. Every piece of my creation is an individual unique story composed of brilliant crystals, my heart and my soul. “Elvyra Design” brand has never been a business to me. It is a part of me - my attitude, character and style of life. I could say it with no doubts that the biggest gift a life gave me is a talent to make women feel and look special every day. I have always believed that jewelry and accessories have the power to make any outfit look outstanding. A woman with no jewelry is like a story without the climax. It is beautiful, catchy, but something is missing to describe it as perfect."
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