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Elvyra Design brand was founded by a talented lithuanian jewelry and accessory designer Elvyra Monginiene. Her passion for unique jewelry and accessories has inspired her to launch her own handmade jewelry and accessory collection, which instantly became popular among women across Lithuania and abroad. 

The symbol and uniqueness of Elvyra Design brand is “The Fly”, which made us famous and widely recognized in various places across the world, especially in Dubai, Minsk, Zurich and Cannes. The founder of Elvyra Design brand Elvyra Monginiene was the first designer to invent a fly as a fashion accessory made of genuine Swarovski crystals. Since then it became as a new trend in the world of style and fashion. As a designer always says, „a butterfly was meant to be beautiful, while it is real a challenge to design an attractive fly that everyone loves.” Therefore, you will find various designs of “Flies” among our jewelry and accessory collections.

Every piece is made by hand using a special sewing technique invented by Elvyra Monginiene. In order to ensure the best quality of our products, we only use the finest quality materials such as genuine Swarovski crystals, genuine leather, silver and gold-plated elements combined with other high quality components.

Elvyra Design – express yourself with jewelry and accessories

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