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Each of our jewelry is made by hand, using a special embroidery technique invented by designer Elvyra Monginienė.

To ensure the best quality of our products, we use only the highest quality materials.

The perfect touch to your body. A body belt will be a great accessory to either a dress, t-shirt or shirt...
Ex Tax:220.00€
In the hands of a talented artist, a black leather harness and charming luster.  It will definitely become the top accessory of the whole season...
Ex Tax:300.00€
Unique design bracelet for men. Bracelet made from full grain quality leather. The bracelet is adjustable in size..
Ex Tax:120.00€
Leather bracelet for men.  Bracelets made from TOP quality full grain leather  that will last you for decades.  A bracelets you can choose from two colors : black and brown...
Ex Tax:100.00€
DESIGN – This unique, feminine elegant, subtly luxurious, and classy handbag “Elvyra” has everything you need for a handbag. It’s stylish, extremely high quality, roomy and comfortable to wear. The handbag was definitely designed for a woman, who is willing to stand out, but stay elegant and classy...
Ex Tax:329.00€
Stylish handmade beaded eyeglass chain for the lovers of black and gold colors.It adds instant sophistication to any outfit and delivers comfortable eyeglass holding function. Made with crystals from Swarovski.The eyeglass chain have adjustable silicone holder loops which ideally fit any size frame ..
Ex Tax:100.00€
This delicate handcrafted beaded eyewear chain is particularly suitable for everyday wear and the admirers of minimalist style. It is made of tiny black Swarovski crystals with a touch of sparkle and gold-colored elements. Treat yourself or your beloved ones to this beautiful piece of jewellery.The ..
Ex Tax:80.00€
Luxurious and elegant handmade beaded eyeglass chain for sophisticated women. The combination of gold and white will match perfectly to many different glasses designs and colors. The eyeglass chain have adjustable silicone holder loops which ideally fit any size frame arm. Suitable for reading ..
Ex Tax:100.00€
Glasses Chain "Crystal Drops" Glasses Chain "Crystal Drops"
This is the most luxurious handmade beaded eyewear chain in the collection. It is designed for extravagant women who crave to be noticed. The exclusive design and brilliance of Swarovski crystals framing your face perfectly by adding an exquisite luxury to your look.The eyeglass chain have adjustabl..
Ex Tax:150.00€
A great accessory for both winter and summer. Decorate with a unique eyeglass chain and shine all season long! The spectacle chain is made of leather details decorated with Preciosa crystals..
Ex Tax:60.00€
Light Elvyra Design elastic hair bands for your everyday look.  Fly size : 4cm..
Ex Tax:65.00€
Decorate your hair with exclusive design hair bands - "Vintage". ..
Ex Tax:50.00€
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