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Wedding Jewellery

I have no doubt that at least once in your life you have thought about "THAT DAY". You thought of the perfect tale in which you are a princess, and he is your prince. Feel like a real princess with Elvyra Design jewelry for just that fabulous day.

Earrings " Plump Angels" Earrings " Plump Angels"
Unique design plump angels-flies. These subtle handmade earrings are made of genuine Swarovski® crystals and high-quality Czech biserie.Every piece of our jewellery comes in a beautiful branded gift box, making it ideal gift for any occasion. Dimensions: 3x3 cm.Fastening type: 925 silver leverb..
Ex Tax:120.00€
Luxurious handmade earrings made with crystals from Swarovski...
Ex Tax:200.00€
Lightweight, comfortable, exclusive design handmade wedding earrings made from original, brilliant Swarovski crystals and genuine silver chains.Dimensions: 2 x 8,5 cm.Fastening type: 925 silver studs...
Ex Tax:160.00€
Extremely brilliant handmade earrings made with  crystals from Swarovski and silver elements. These earrings are ideal for brides, and most importantly, they can be easily used for any other occasion. Dimensions: 2x4 cm.Fastening type: 925 silver studs...
Ex Tax:140.00€
Luxurious and elegant handmade earrings made with real Swarovski® crystals. The key element and embellishment of the earrings is long silver chains. The earrings are lightweight, ideally fit to the ear. This is the perfect choice for your special day. Dimensions: 3x15 cm.Fastening type: 925 sil..
Ex Tax:200.00€
An impressive combination of white feathers and Swarovski crystals, telling the dream story of every little girl...Turn your feast into a little girl's fairy tale with "Elvyra Design" earrings "White Dream". Dimensions: 3x15 cm.Fastening type: 925 silver studs...
Ex Tax:180.00€
Let them whisper in their ears what others are not destined to hear, what they are shy to even listen to, what makes their skin shudder. ..
Ex Tax:180.00€
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